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About Peli Lights


For more than 30 years, Peli has built a reputation for manufacturing the toughest, brightest and most safety-certified torches in the World. Over the years, Peli has received testimonials from firefighters, industrial workers, police officers and the military, all highly satisfied with the performance of the Peli products. The´re been able to focus on their jobs of rescuing lives, even saving their own, due to the great performance of their Peli light in critical situations.

Peli's job is to develop high-performance torches that help you focus on your job. The feedback Peli receives from their customers helps to engineer and produce the safest torches for working in hazardous areas, that are as bright as possible for tactical situations, and that incorporate the most efficient technologies in order to save costs for the user and at the same time be environmentally-friendly.

In June 2008, through the acquisition of Blue i UK Ltd., Peli™ Products launched its Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG). The new Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) being developed by the AALG are harnessing the power and energy-efficiency of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and taking it into remote and general area applications.

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