W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH, Eiswerderstr. 20A, 13585 Berlin, Germany, Phone +49-30-45490571, VAT-Id.: DE812817850


  • Our company W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH (and therefore ileq.shop®) exists since 1999
  • We are a real business with real people working during the indicated office hours
  • We have our own warehouse in Berlin, Germany
  • We ship daily from Monday through Friday
  • We provide service for and deliver to e.g.
    • Companies (OEM and end users)
    • Consumers
    • Peli SDS dealers
    • Film and music industry
    • Public service (police, special forces, fire brigades, ministries, municipalities)
    • Public institutions in Europe (schools, universities, museums, research institutions)
    • EU Parliament
    • Governments and ambassadors from various EU countries
    • Industry (large listed companies, medium-sized companies)
    • Car makers (Daimler, Volkswagen)
    • Railroad companies (DB, SNCF)
    • Military (Bundeswehr, US bases in Europe, Swiss Army, Swedish Army, soldiers of all nations in field camps abroad)
    • NATO facilities in Europe
    • Subsidiaries of Google, Tesla and Radio Vatican - no kidding :)

W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH

Eiswerderstr. 20A, 13585 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)30 45490573 (English)

Phone: +49 (0)30 45490571 (German)

Core Office hours: Mo-Fr 8:00-16:00 h

Fax: +49 (0)30 45490572

e-mail: info@ileq.shop

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Please notice: Our company is an online business with an office and a warehouse. Not a brick and mortar store with showroom! Orders can only be placed online.

Sales Department

Head of Sales
Contact for Fire Departments


Contact for Business/End Consumers
Contact for Police & Authorities

Claudia Dyck - Business and End Consumer contact   Daniel Kaufmann - End Consumer/Business contact
Mrs Claudia Dyck   Mr Daniel Kaufmann
Ich spreche deutsch! I speak english!   Ich spreche deutsch! I speak english! Je parle francais!

Contact for Business/End Consumers

Susanne Stukenberg - End Consumer/Business contact    
Mrs Susanne Stukenberg    
Ich spreche deutsch! I speak english! Je parle francais! Yo hablo español    

Service / Workshop / CEO / Photo

Workshop / Peli RALS Service / CEO


Product/Website Model

 Nikolaus Gruchot - Business Contact   Miss ME - Shop Photo Model
 Mr Nikolaus Gruchot   Miss E
 Ich spreche deutsch! I speak english! Je parle francais!    Ich spreche deutsch! I speak english!





 Roy Nitschke - Logistics Manager   Maurice Mietle - Logistics Manager
 Mr Roy Nitschke   Mr Maurice Mietle
 Ich spreche deutsch!    Ich spreche deutsch!

If you cannot reach us by phone for any reason however (there always are working peaks where everybody is stretching to the limits in order to get THIS parcel ready, so that the customer gets it in time!), please try again a bit later or write us an e-mail to info@ileq.shop, we will see to it as soon as we can!

Web: www.ileq.shop®


ileq.shop® (formerly PeliShop) is operated by:

W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH

Eiswerderstr. 20A, 13585 Berlin, Germany

Registered in Germany: Handelsregister Berlin, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, HRB 73377
VAT-Id.No.: DE812817850
CEO: Nikolaus Gruchot

Information concerning online disputes:

Platform of the EU Commission regarding online dispute resolution: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

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