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welcome to® (formaly PeliShop), the oldest and most experienced online shop site for Peli Products in Europe, first online in 1999 (shortly after the (1995), (1996) and (1998) websites were launched).


Picture: Nikolaus Gruchot, CEO and owner of W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH, hiking the world famous Masca Valley in Teneriffe, Dec. 2008

About us and our customers is operated by W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH, a company based in Berlin Germany.

Nikolaus Gruchot, CEO and owner of W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH purchased his first Peli case in 1993 while travelling the USA and the Caribbean. During the following years, this Peli case, a 1520 model, saw half of the world. Containing a (at this time) heavy personal laptop computer with external drives, it had to endure the sea shores and deserts of Egypt, the salty humidity of the Maldives, the rocks of the Mediterranean islands and the hands of uncountable air craft cargo and airport personnel. It failed not once and always protected the packed gear from dust, rain, sand and rough handling

Being part of the community of outdoor people, we continue to use Peli products in our daily life ever since...


...and as we are critical customers as well as professional retailers, we test our own Peli items to the limits.

We did the "run over by a truck" test using a Land Rover in 2001. It took us 6 runs until the pictured 1520 case, originally purchased in 1993, finally gave in. Revealing an incredible strenght and protecting its contents until the end!

You want the ultimate mobile protection for your gear? There is nothing that comes close to a Peli case!


A very small and light member of the Peli lights family: The VersaBrite3 LED #2220.

Where ever we go, the Peli VB3 LED is always kept ready in a pocket. It is extremely useful in any light out situation as it is small enough to be carried in a pocket without hassle. It is an incredibly bright 2 LED light.

We find this light especially convenient for running workouts during the evening and night hours. It can be kept in one hand, illuminating the path for 3-5 m without adding weight to your arm!


Nikolaus Gruchot took the 1020 Peli Micro Case to its limits while scuba diving the Ras Mohammed Underwater National Park, Red Sea, South Sinai in Egypt, December 2007.

Filled with 1 kg of lead (to compensate buoyancy), the case dove to a depth of 25 m for the duration of 70 minutes. Back at the surface, the contents was dry :-)

Note: Peli does not  recommend the Micro Case series for scuba diving, but rather for use during any kind of outdoor activity at and above sea level!

Unlike many other online businesses which act as third party without having a warehouse, is a real! We do have our own warehouse here in Berlin, located near our office and keep all available Peli items and Peli spare parts in stock all the time.

Regardless, if you are an end consumer and need only one small Peli Micro Case or a company that needs a complete palette of 1690 Transport Cases within a couple of days, we deliver swiftly and in time. We do also manage Peli warranty claims directly from our warehouse. No waiting time for you, as our valuable customer! A convincing fact for anybody in need of a professional, attentive business partner.

Therefore major TV channels, universities, cruise lines, the military, the police forces, the government, electricity providers, hospitals, film companies, airports, search and rescue personnel and companies like Siemens, Daimler, Draeger and EADS, to name only a few are among our returning customers since 1999.

Need a quote prior to place an order?

Requests for quotation from EU and non-EU countries need to placed by email including the desired shipping/invoice address. You will receive a complete offer, showing all net pricing plus handling and shipping as PDF file. In order to place your order you will then need to confirm you order by e-mail as submit payment using the secure payment link provided with the order confirmation.

We do accept payments by AMEX, VISA, MasterCard credit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay or bank transfer.

You need more information?

Everybody in our company knows about Peli Products and we do all speak fluent English and will be glad to take your call at +49-(0)30-45490571 from 8-16:30 hrs (GMT +1h) or answer to your inquiries by fax +49-(0)30-45490572 or email <>.

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Nikolaus Gruchot
- Executive Manager

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