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2630 HeadsUp Lite LED

The HeadsUp Lite 2630 uses a super bright 1W LED that can be activated in 4 modes: low, medium, high, and flashing (for emergencies). The body is tough ABS resin that's corrosion proof and resistant to extreme temperatures. The 90 degree pivoting head allows you to aim light right where you need it. It comes with a handy battery power gauge that shows the level of usage. The light weight battery pack houses 3 AA alkaline cells (included). The HeadsUp Lite 2630 comes with two kinds of straps: a rubber strap for your hard hat or helmet and a comfortable and adjustable cloth strap for bare head. The HeadsUp Lite 2630 is a great hands-free light for work, camping, hiking or many other uses.
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    Sehr leichte Kopflampe, konzipiert für den Einsatz beim Wandern, Campen, Klettern und Arbeiten. Hell scheinendes, weißes LED Licht für alle, die die Hände frei haben wollen oder müssen. Vier Betriebsarten und Brenndauer bis 24 Stunden ...

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