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Lighting Technologies

All Peli lights use high-intensity Xenon, Halogen or LED lamps that generate high quality beams: brilliant, long distance beams or brightness with long burn time. Following you will discover the characteristics of each source of light. Continue reading to find out the about the differences among lighting technologies.

Bright incandescent lights

If you are looking for an extraordinary bright beam of light, check Peli’s incandescent torches. By using Xenon, Halogen and Krypton lamps, Peli’s incandescent lights are famous for offering extraordinarily powerful beams of white light. Their pre-focused lamp modules enable the beams to cut through the thickest smoke, fog, rain and dust, and offer perfect vision in the darkness.
Other torches offer poor and uneven beams with shadows
Peli™ Torches offer a clean, even pre-focused beam

Benefits of the LED

Peli’s LED Series are some of the most efficient and durable torches on the planet. Compared to incandescent lights LEDs consume very little energy, and deliver up to 15 times more battery burn time. In addition, because LEDs are more durable, there is no need to replace them.


Incandescent LED
Powerful long-distance beam of light Good light for close distances
Delicate filament No filament to break
30/60 hour bulb life 10.000/100.000 hour lamp life
Limited battery burn time Advanced battery burn time
Hot burning light Low heat lamp
White light White-blue light

Leading the way with Recoil LED Technology™: Bright as incandescent with the benefits of the LED

  Finally, a light that’s as bright as an incandescent torch combined with the efficiency, long battery burn-time, durability and savings in lamp replacement costs of the LEDs. Brilliant lighting power and low dependability... That’ Recoil LED Technology™.

The secret: by pointing a 1-Watt LED backwards into the torches’ reflector, 100% of the light is captured and projected forward. All available light is captured and the result is a powerful, white collimated beam that’s as bright as an incandescent torch. Compared to existing multi-LED lights, RECOIL LED Technology generates a beam 33 times brighter.
Un-retouched photograph at 1/60th of a second. Competitors's light has 10 LEDs @ 100 mA each, while Peli's Sabrelite™ RECOIL LED has one 1-Watt LED.
Conventional LED
Recoil LED Technology

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