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About Peli Products

Peli™ is the manufacturer of the products we sell here.

  • Peli™ Products, S.A. is a subsidary of a company located in California, USA, where it is called Pelican
  • Peli is specializing since more then 30 years in the development and production of protector cases and flashlights
  • All Peli products are covered by Peli's legendary "You Break It, We Replace It...Forever" guarantee
  • Peli Protector Cases are designed in the USA and manufactured in the USA and Europe
  • Peli Lights are designed in the USA and manufactured in the USA and China
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Peli™ Products, S.A. was founded in 1997 as the European arm of the North American parent company Pelican™ Products, Inc., existing since 1976. Peli coordinates the company’s activities in Europe, Middle East and Africa from Barcelona.

The firm produces Protector™ Cases for protecting valuable equipment and advanced lighting systems. Their products are present in many sectors; including industry, security, nautical, diving, photography and emergency services, among others.


In order to meet increasing global demand, the company started up manufacturing operations in Europe, in October 2007.


The European facility is located in Crottendorf, Germany, and is working in tandem with the 18.600 square meter plant the company owns in Torrance, California.

The company has sales offices in Barcelona (Spain), Bourg en Bresse (France), Düsseldorf (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and Ras Al-Kaimah (UAE). For more information visit

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